Why Mauritius?

Why Mauritius?

Outsourcing to Mauritius makes perfect sense for a number of compelling reasons.

Time Zone.

Mauritius is GMT plus 4 hours in winter and plus 3 hours in summer. This enables ease of communication between the UK business and its back office.

Mauritius is a trust jurisdiction.

Unlike other outsourcing destinations, Mauritius is a thriving International Financial Centre which understands the absolute necessity for confidentiality and discretion.

Human resources.

Mauritius has a rich stream of accountancy graduates, which Chancery Accounting engages.
Most graduates on leaving university are keen to get real time accounting experience.
These bright graduates are engaged by Chancery Accounting and they are determined to master their skills before moving onwards on their chosen path of a career in accountancy.
This provides Chancery Accounting with a rich pool of talent for its accounting back office.
As the graduates leave on their upward career paths, there is a constant supply of keen new graduates to replace them.
This ensures that the quality of the accounting process at the back office level remains impressively high.

Ease of Set-Up.

Chancery Accounting can be working on your accounts immediately. We have a dedicated server in the UK…which hosts Sage.